• DonandMerit's shirts combine a sophisticated look with functionality and comfort


    Our shirts have 5 zipper pockets; four "hidden" front pockets and a back pocket. The front pockets are located below the arm, with easy access from the front of the chest to minimizes any bulk and to maximize your comfort and the safety of your valuables.

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The pockets

The unique positioning of the pockets - below the arm - assures maximum comfort and discretion.

<p style="color:#E31725">FIVE POCKETS</p>


The shirt has four front pockets suitable for a phone, wallet and keys + the staple back pocket.

The unique positioning of the pockets below the arm, with easy access from the front of the chest, assures maximum comfort and discretion.*
*Patent pending.

<p style="color:#E31725">THE ZIPPERS</p>


The front panels of the shirt hide a nearly invisible seam that runs from shoulder to waist. This seam also conceals the pockets. 

We use "invisible YKK zippers" of the highest quality to ensure discretion, durability and easy access.

<p style="color:#E31725">ATTENTION TO DETAIL</p>


Our shirts are sewn in Spain and made of the highest quality fabrics; OEKOTEX certified and 100% made in Italy.

On the inside of the shirt, the pocket panels are elegantly covered in the same fabric as the rest of the shirt.


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Paying homage to the city that serves as our headquarter and inspiration for our first collection

The BCN#01 collection sets the standard for our basic button-fronts. A covered button placket accentuates its clean cut and finish, meanwhile incorporating four front zipper pockets and one back pocket. The collection comes in three colors with a choice of pure cotton or a cotton strech fabric. Welcome to our Online Shop for more details on the collection.


100% Italian fabrics

All our shirts are made of the highest quality fabrics, 100% made in Italy; meaning that the yarn is dyed, warped and woven in the country.

The Albini Group from Bergamo, Italy and Grandi & Rubinelli from Novara, Italy were carefully selected for their exceptional fabrics and commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible production. As a result we’ve come to work with two of the finest cotton shirt fabric producers in the world that create textiles for many luxury brands whose quality we admire.

Empowering local manufacturing

We believe in the value of local production to ensure a quality product. Each shirt has been sewn by the skilled workers of a small family-owned shirt maker in Catalonia, Spain.  At DonandMerit, we want to work with people who believe in our products, because we believe in a team effort where people are not just a labor cost, but a precious asset that secures a lasting value.