Three Fantastic Water-Wise Innovations

By: Sairica Rose | Estimated reading time: 3 mins


Saving water has become a priority – and not a luxury – for so many of us. Thankfully, gone are the days when reining in our water consumption meant investing in complex, costly devices, or building a well in our own back yard. Savvy designers and innovators are responding to demand for efficient water conserving systems.


Here are three smart, simple water-saving innovations from around the world that get our thumbs up:


The Smart Showerhead

Intuitive tech-loving, water-conscious showerers can hang up the “dumb” hose for good – and curb the drain on planet and pocket with Hydrao’s Smart showerhead.

Created by French design-firm Start & Blue, this colour- and life- changing showerhead is kitted out with LED lights that meter passing water volume.

The base of the clip-on, water-powered head glows green when 10 litres of water have been used, purple from 10 to 20 litters, and turns red at 50 litres – or somewhere around the third shower-opera rendition of the Game of Thrones theme tune for most of us, who, according to Hydrao, use 70-80 litres per shower.

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