What payment methods does DonandMerit accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and Paypal.


What security measures are in place to make sure it’s safe to use my credit card online at DonandMerit?

Shopify is the host for our online store and they protect credit card information according to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). This means that Shopify encrypts your credit card and sensitive information at industry standards. If you have questions, please contact support[at]



When will I receive my order confirmation?

We will send you a confirmation within 24 hours of placing your order.

How will my order be delivered?

We use SEUR courier service for our shipments. All deliveries will require a signature upon receipt.

Can I track my order online?

Yes you can. Your order will be shipped on the first business day following your purchase. At that time we will send you a shipping confirmation message to let you know your package is on its way. Within approx. 24 hours we will send you a shipment update and this message includes your unique id/tracking number to be used online at


Which countries do you ship to?

The following are the countries we are delivering to currently and the expected delivery times (business days; Monday through Friday, and non-holidays):
Spain (1-3 days), other countries in the European Union (1-3 days), Switzerland (1-3 days), Norway (1-3 days), the US (2-4 days), Canada (2-4 days), Colombia (3-5 days), Hong Kong (2-4 days), Singapore (2-4 days) and Japan (2-4 days).

If you don’t find your country or city in this list, please contact us at support[at] and we will confirm the delivery time and possible shipping cost for your area.


Can I change my shipping address once my order has been sent?

It’s important to confirm the shipping details before you confirm your order. Should you discover that you’ve made an error, please contact us at support[at] as soon as possible and we will try to contact our shipping company to redirect the shipment. However, there is no guarantee that this can be done successfully once your order has been dispatched.

Returns and exchanges

What is your policy on returns and exchanges?

DonandMerit is committed to customer satisfaction. If your shirt doesn’t fit or suit your taste, you are welcome to an exchange or refund within 7 working days of receipt of the order. Items should be returned to us in perfect condition, with the original packaging and at your expense. The original shipping fee is not refundable unless there is a problem with the product.

Exchanges and refunds from purchases at are only available online and cannot be returned directly to a store. Any item marked as “Final Sale” cannot be returned or exchanged.

What should I do if I discover that there is something wrong with my shirt?

In the case that your shirt is not in perfect condition upon delivery, please contact us right away at customer[at] We will reply to you within 24 hours.


How will I receive my money back?

You will receive a full refund of the purchase price within a maximum of 30 days after we have received the returned product (as long as the product is perfect condition). All refunds will be made by the same payment method that was used in the purchase.

What are your returns and exchanges procedures?

Please contact support[at] to explain to us what you would like to do and why. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

After hearing back from us, please repackage your product to prevent transit damage and send it to:


Please include a copy of the original invoice and a note referencing our e-mail correspondence and whether you would like to exchange the item or return it. Please send the package with insured postage as DonandMerit is not liable for lost return packages.

Please contact us at support[at] for any additional questions you may have.

Caring for your shirt

How do I wash my shirt?

Wash your shirt at max 40°C (85°F) and use a good quality detergent that is appropriate for the color of your shirt.

Close the zippers and undo all buttons.


Can I use the dryer?

Please avoid the dryer and hang the shirt to dry instead.


What is the best way to iron my shirt?

Iron at 150°C (230°F) and avoid ironing on top of the zipper slider as it can leave marks on the fabric.

The Pockets


Can you show me what a shirt looks like when the pockets are used?

Below is one example:

How strong are the pockets?

The pockets are made from the same Italian made fabric as the rest of the shirt and we use high quality zippers to ensure durability.  Still it’s important to refrain from putting any sharp objects in the pockets or objects with a course surface that might damage the fabric.


How big are the pockets?

The shirts in the BCN#01 collection have four front pockets; 14 cm height x 14 cm depth (5.5” x 5.5”) and one back pocket; 11 cm x 11 cm width (4.3″ x 4.3″).

The measurement vary slightly depending on the size of the shirt. These measurements are based on a  medium size shirt.

1 shirt 1 cause

Why is DonandMerit focused on water projects specifically?

During our first trip to Ethiopia in 2008 we saw first-hand the extreme need for clean water and how access to water changes everything for a community. It also changed our lives and ever since we have been searching for a business concept that can help provide sustainable funding for water projects in countries with an urgent need.

In Ethiopia we learned that clean water means even more than improved health. It provides children with an opportunity to get an education instead of spending endless hours every day fetching water. It also means that women, especially, have more time for productive work that can lead to an income and a way out of  poverty. Among so many pressing needs in developing countries, access to clean water has to be one of the top priorities.


What is your relationship with charity: water?

Charity: water is our giving partner. We donate $5 to charity: water for each shirt we sell so that they can designate the funds to a project in a country and community with an urgent need for clean water.

We have seen charity: water’s work in Ethiopia and how they have helped 1000’s of people get access to clean water. That’s how we know about their focus on sustainability and on building strong relationships with local partners in Asia, Africa and South America.  Another reason is that charity: water is 100% non-profit and that they will provide us with GPS coordinates and photos of the wells we sponsor. We will share this information with our customers as they are the real reason we are able to raise funds for water.

Where can we follow the results of DonandMerit’s donations to charity: water?

Visit our fundraising page at For every 200 shirts we sell, we send $1,000 to charity: water.  If you’ve purchased a shirt from DonandMerit or simply want updates on our giving, please register your shirt and/or sign up for for our e-mail updates on our website.


Is charity: water a credible non-profit organization?

Yes, charity: water is 501(C)(3) registered non-profit organization and has received the highest ranking by Charity Navigator and is recognized as a “Top –Rated Charity” by AIP. Charity: water is located in New York. For more information please go to


How long does your water projects last?

Each of our projects has a plan in place so that local stakeholders can make sure that water flows long after installation. Our giving partner, charity: water, assures the formation of strong water committees, partnerships with local government, and training of mechanics to perform repairs. Take a look at


The shirt costs much more than the $5 donated to charity: water. Can’t you increase the amount?

DonandMerit donates the amount presently afforded after the cost of producing the shirt, but our goal is to be able to increase this amount. We also help bring awareness about the water crisis and encourage our customers to give directly to our giving partner, charity: water. Charity: water also makes it very easy and fun to start a fundraising campaign. Take a look at:


Can I make a donation straight to charity: water?

Yes! Please go to charity:water/donate to make your donation by credit card or check. Of course we would love it if you made a donation to DonandMerit’s fundraising campaign with charity: water/donandmerit. Private donors fund charity: water’s operating costs, so 100% of your donations go straight to the field.

General questions

How do I know my size?

Please use the size guide available in our webshop and measure your body to choose the shirt with the best fit for you. (Our shirts are “regular fit”).


How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from the DonandMerit’s newsletter?

Please use the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any newsletter from DonandMerit.

We would like to know what made you decide to subscribe/unsubscribe. Please send us a message at contact[at]

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.


Where does the name “DonandMerit” come from?

Don is an anthropological term related to the “gift economy” – an economy based on giving rather than doing business for profit or personal gain. Merit is the quality of being particularly good or worthy of praise.

The name describes the type of social enterprise DonandMerit aspires to build and the appreciation felt towards all customers and collaborators.


What is your design philosophy?

We want to offer products that are long-lasting in style and quality for people who want to look good, feel comfortable and who seek clear and tangible benefits, driven less by price and more by ethics.


When will you have a broader collection of shirts/products?

We are a brand new and growing company and we hope to soon be able to offer new models already on our drawing board.