• DonandMerit is a brand that creates products with a purpose – fusing great style, comfort and functionality with a force for good in the world.

    DonandMerit donates $5 to charity: water for every shirt sold.




Joan Vinyets Co-Founder

Entrepreneur from Barcelona with a background in design, business anthropology and innovation. Joan has collaborated with renowned designers as Andrea Branzi in design projects for companies such as Alessi and Mandarina Duck. As an innovation expert he’s helped numerous household name brands like Intel and Vodafone with their innovation strategies.

Johanna Thörnblad Co-Founder

Johanna has a background in sales, marketing and communications at companies like Fidelity Investments and Design House Stockholm and she holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.  Johanna first became aware of the severity of the water crisis while travelling in Ethiopia with the NGO; A Glimmer of Hope in 2008.

charity: water Giving Partner

A non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet. Charity: water is 100% non-profit and has funded over 11,000 water projects in 22 countries to-date.

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DonandMerit’s pocket shirt is an innovative solution to a modern day problem

Great innovation frequently emerges from the observation of people “in context”, and that’s also how the concept of DonandMerit’s pocket shirt was born.

Joan Vinyets, PhD, designer and anthropologist from Barcelona, who’s spent his career helping international companies with design and innovation projects, noticed that men, independent of geography and culture, have a problem with carrying basic possessions like their phone, wallet and keys…

It’s especially evident when travelling, when it’s too warm to wear a jacket or when sitting down. More often than not, the phone ends up on top of the table beside the wine glass or in the girlfriend’s purse.

“I saw a need for a smart looking shirt that can be worn to work, when travelling for business or when going to dinner, that’s also practical, but never at the cost of lacking style.” Joan Vinyets Rejón

 Joan Vinyets, Co-Founder DonandMerit